Kalam Mian Muhammad - Shaukat Ali - Part 1

Saif-ul-MalookThe love romance, saif-ul-Malook of mian mohammad Bakhsh (1826-1907) was composed by the poet when he was 36.and the year was 1862. It is a love romance with a significant difference. The poem is overlapped by many layers of romance material, yet the underlying structure is simple and allegoricle. It possesses sufic content too, but even that is formed by the serioisness of its allegorical intention.
Kalam Mian Muhammad
(1826-1907), Ali, Saif-ul-Malook, salek1985, Shaukat
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  • Malik Saqib

    very nice & greatful

  • P.R. Bhatia, New Delhi

    Saif-ul-Malook sung by Shaukat Ali Saheb is realling heart touching.