Hadiqa Kiyani - Boohey Barian

Barian was the first punjabi track Hadiqa has done for her album Roshni and was fortunate to add it as it was the last track on the LP Roshni.
Hadiqa Kayani
Barian, Bariyaan, Bariyan, Boohey, Hadiqa, Kiani, Kiyani, Lollywood, Music, Pakistan
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  • khawar inyat

    nice song,gujrat.Pakistan

  • sewa ram

    Melodious voice of hadiqa takes the song to new heights

  • iqbalazam cheema fatehpur (layyah) Pakistan

    i think this the best song i like her songs

  • shahid hussain

    i think this the best song i like from her album i give it 100%