Kalam Mian Muhammad - Shakat Ali - Part 2

This is Video 1 of 3 of Saif Ul Malook by Mian Muhammed Baksh read by Shaukat Ali.Complete the set of 3 videos by watching 'Shaukat Ali - Saif Ul Malook Part 2 (Video 2 of 3)' and 'Shaukat Ali - Saif Ul Malook Part 2 (Video 3 of 3)' after this to complete Part 2 of Saif Ul Malook by Shaukat Ali.It had to be divided into 3 videos due to YouTube limitations.Mian Muhammed Baksh, was born in a village called khanqa Peera Shah Gazi Khari Sharif, situated in the Mirpur District (now in Azad Kashmir) and was a Sufi Saint and also a Punjabi poet of great repute.He is especially renowned as the writer of a book of poetry called Saif Ul Malook.His works include: Siharfi, Sohni Mahival, Tuhfah-e Miran, Tuhfah-e Rasuliyah, Shirin Farhad, Mirza Sahiban, Sakhi Khavass Khan, Shah Mansur, Gulzar-e Faqir, Hidayatul Muslimin, Panj Ganj, Masnavi-e Nirang-e Ishq.He also wrote a commentary on the Arabic Qasidat-ul-Burda of Al-Busiri and his most famous work, entitled Safar-Ul Ishq (The Journey of Ardent Love) and better known as Saif Ul Malook is presented here, read by the legendary Shaukat Ali.
Kalam Mian Muhammad
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  • dewana

    mashallah very gooooood i lov it