Kalam Mian Muhammad - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Part 2

(PART 2) Also Known as: Main NeevaMera Murshid Uncha; This is one of the more famous Kalams, Written by Mian Mohammad Baksh (R.A), It is very much unmissible. And to top it all of it is being sung by Nusrat.This Qawwali Dosen't Give you the question rather it hands over the answerI have created the revised version of the translation with times:0:08 Once the man glances, the difficulty ceases to exist.0:51 If I look at my good deeds, I have nothing that belongs to me.4:47 But if I look at your mercy. It's Glorious5:08 The abode of the Murshid is the Ka'ba (the sacred house), I will definitely perform hajj(pilgrimage).5:47 Have the belief of a beloved; let's go to His place Al1 your problems will find a solution.6:08 Keep the belief.6:31 He has to ask sometime 'which one are you'6:48 Your every problem, your every problem will be solved but, hold tight on your belief.7:10 'Who is standing at my threshold' sooner or later his glory will ask.7:54 Have the belief of a beloved; let's go to find a solution for your problems.8:01 I'm lowly; my Murshid is exalted, he bought me to eminence.
Kalam Mian Muhammad
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