Kalam Bulleh Shah - Ki Janan Main Kon - Waddali Brothers

Not a believer inside the mosque, am INor a pagan disciple of false ritesNot the pure amongst the impureNeither Moses, nor the PharohBulleh! to me, I am not knownNot in the holy Vedas, am INor in opium, neither in wineNot in the drunkard`s crazeNeither awake, nor in a sleeping dazeBulleh! to me, I am not knownIn happiness nor in sorrow, am INeither clean, nor a filthy mireNot from water, nor from earthNeither fire, nor from air, is my birthBulleh! to me, I am not knownNot an Arab, nor LahoriNeither Hindi, nor NagauriHindu, Turk (Muslim), nor PeshawariNor do I live in NadaunBulleh! to me, I am not knownSecrets of religion, I have not knownFrom Adam and Eve, I am not bornI am not the name I assumeNot in stillness, nor on the moveBulleh! to me, I am not knownI am the first, I am the lastNone other, have I ever knownI am the wisest of them allBulleh! do I stand alone?Bulleh! to me, I am not known
Kalam Bulleh Shah
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  • mahreen

    this is orignal life , orignal words