Allah Ditta - Mahi De Dere Te

During my boyhood,I would love to listen to Talib Hussain Dard,Mansoor Malangi,Allah Ditta,Malku etc,but Basheera(as he is known)was somehow beyond my comprehension.His noisy and shreiking voice was just unacceptable to me.But amazingly our elders would love him profoundly.So,in the process,as the time changed so my attitude.Now as a grown man,I admire and acknowledge his absolute masterhood.I believe Basheera is one of the best saraiki singer ever born.His approach to music is unique.His style and technicality only belong to him.No wonder if new generation of singers is copying his "ways".Personally,I admit,I don't know much about him. I would appreciate any comments regarding his whereabouts.I heard that he has passed away more than ten years ago.Is it true? I wish I know more about him
Allah Ditta Loonewala
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