Anwar Masood - Ambri (Mother) by Anwar Masood

A fantastic poem by Anwar Masood.
Anwar Masood
(Mother), Ambri, Anwar, by, Masood
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    what a great poem! i salute to "MOM"not only the" MOM" is sweet but this word is so sweet in itself that when you say" mom" your lips kiss twice with eachother.

  • abid

    so tear full poem,that made cry and my soul go back to old day when my mother with me,i feel that their prayer always with me.

  • hafiz khalid

    unique poem from great port

  • anjum babri

    Oh it is simply beautiful and made me cry. How could a man understand feelings of a mother so truly

  • bilal arshed

    very very very very very best.
    very soal & heart touching poem.

  • Adnan

    AOA, Aziz doston,

    The thought ('khayal') in Anwar Masood's poetry is always deep and also has moral values. I know this by hearing his urdu poetry. Since I cannot understand Punjabi, I would be highly obliged if anyone of our Punjabi speaking brother/sister can translate what he is saying here.

    Jazak Allah.

  • ADI

    WOW, thats the great true story of MOTHER`s LOVE, I slute Anwer Masood, I love my mom so much.

  • muhammad zubair shahid italy

    men tohadi azmat nun salam karda han. ambri di shan barri suchy dassi e,ty qadar oh hi janda e jiss di dunnia te nahen.

  • anwar firdous 4rm attock

    a great poem ,a great tribute to mother, inever can forrget

  • Muhammad Imran Shahzad

    So beautiful and touching with soul.