Punjabi Folk By Muhammad Alam Lohar (naatiya Kalam) - Muhammad (pbuh) Diyan Ki Tareefan Sunawan

King of Punjabi folk Alam Lohar singing Naatiya kalam from WIKIPEDIA Muhammad Alam Lohar (Urdu:محمد عالم لوہار) was a prominent Punjabi folk music singer of Pakistan.He was born in 1928 and died on July 3, 1979 in an accident. He is also the inventor of term and song Jugni. Alam Lohar developed a new style of singing the Punjabi Vaar, an epic or folk tale. He is famous for his rendition of Waris Shah's Heer, which he has memorized in 36 styles and forms. He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and has outsold all other singers in Pakistan (Verified in records kept with HMV Pakistan 1979) In his childhood he used to read sufiana kalaams, Punjabi stories and participateas a young child in local elderly gatherings expressing a vocal only art form in reading passages of great poets. From many of the gatherings out of the rural background rose a great singer that could influence his audience with elements of joy peace, happiness and sadness. Further on: he started going to festivals and gatherings on a regular basis and within these performances he rose to become one of the most listened to singers in South Asia. In the 1970s it was the Queen's Jubilee event in the UK and there was a singing competition between all Commonwealth Countries and after all performances: Alam Lohar won the award as the best performance and was handed a gold medal for his unique and God given voice. Throughout the period of 1930's and until his passing away in 1979 he has dominated Folk...
Alam Lohar
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