Shiv Kumar Batalvi - Maye ni Maye mere geetan de naina wichch

One of the few songs that can make you cry. Both the writer and the singer do this song Justice. I like Ustad Khan Sahib's version much more than I like Jagjit Singh's. I made some effort on this to get the meaning accross. it took me a long time to fine the translation and I thank Nusrat fateh ali khan fan club on yahoo music group for the help. I hope you all like it. Thanks
Shiv Kumar Batalvi
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  • n dhaliwal,Patiala

    Eh Shiv hi likh sakda si.En dard eni sik bina eh kiven likhia ja sakda hai. ik hor shiv shaid nasib na hi hove.jini war sunia odu dugni rona pia
    SHIVJI!!!!!! Shiv worked in my org. for a short time but i was' nt that lucky to meet this great poet.

  • rajneesh

    first of all thanks to the clib fr this beautiful song , its realy so good so deep so heart touching, my dad told me shiv sahib so wonderful in his poetry, nd he listend to him a t youth clib whn he was a member of that team nd now i realy say he is still a legend nd my salute to the team
    god bless

  • malik taj mohammad mooaal

    very nice poetry ,shive kumar batalvi I salute you.from