Sahiban Da Kasid {mirza Sahiban} By Alam Lohar

Mirza Sahiba (Punjabi:ਿਮਰਜ਼ਾ ਸਾਹਿਬਾਂ, مرزا صاحباں, mirzā sāhibāṁ) is one of the four popular tragic romances of the Punjab. The other three are Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnun and Sohni Mahiwal. Alam Lohar was the most popular folk singer of Pakistan and recited mystic tale 'Mirza Sahiban' more than anyone else and popularised it throughout the world. There is no other singer who can recite or sing the tale better than this great perormer, who memorised entire books by great sufis and saints. His singing variations were very strong, he had a powerful voice where he could reachhigh pitched notes without any difficulty: In essence if you listen to Alam Lohar's singing style of Mirza Sahiba he sings at a very high note that is very difficult to reach. Alam Lohar also introduced singing with the instrument referred to as the 'jhori' or also known as the algoza. This instrument of the algoza or jhori was also used in Alam Lohar's famous creation JUGNI in the 50's,
Alam Lohar
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